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Professional Development


Facebook Live Events Recordings


Paul Dummett - Teaching learners from refugee backgrounds

28 March 2022

Access the recording here  


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Kath Bilsborough - Incorporating Refugee Matters into the English Language Classroom

31st March 2022 

Access the recording here

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Aleks Palanac - Teaching Trauma Experienced Learners 

2nd April 2022

Access the recording here

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Emily Wilson - Teaching Learners in Refugee Camps

23rd April  2022

Access the recording here

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Polly Akhurst, Holli Ghaisen and Rania Dadoul - Providing High Quality Learning to Refugee Youths Globally

25th April  2022

Access the recording here

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Efi Tzouri - Teaching young learners from refugee backgrounds

5 May 2022

Access the recording here

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Upcoming Facebook Live Events


Useful Resources


Future Learn - 15 courses on refugees, including Migrants and Refugees in Education: A toolkit for teachers


Bracelets and Peace 


British Council TeachingEnglish poster project


UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency - A collection of materials for primary and secondary WITH Teacher guides.


Children asking children, Guardian video from 2016


What is a refugee? - Save The Children, Australia

A Refugee’s Journey - Animation (Teenagers), IRAP (International Refugee Assistance Project)

Carly, a refugee’s story - Picture book turned into a film


Sandie Mourao and Gail Ellis

'The Suitcase' by Chris Naylor-Ballesteros (Nosy Crow, 2019) 

Resource kit created by teachers for teachers and is part of the Erasmus+ ICEPELL project 


Books and films about refugees - blog post by Emily Bryson

British English blog post about inclusivity


Ali and the Long Journey to Australia - Lesson Plan and poster by Michelle Worgan

The boy at the back of the class by Onjali Q Rauf - Book about a boy from Syria who is resettled in the UK. The story follows him making friends at primary school.  


Illegal by Eoin Colger and Andrew Donkin. Graphic Novel for adults about a young adult traveling from Africa to Europe via people smugglers.


Welcome to the new world. Waking up in Trump’s America. Graphic Novel for adults about a Syrian family resettling in the USA - Guardian review.

'Towards a trauma-informed ELT pedagogy for refugees' - Paper by Aleks Palanac


Beyond Resilience: Facilitating learning and well-being in the refugee language classroom - Project by Aleks Palanac


Aleks Palanac's profile on the University of Leicester's website 

BALEAP's EAP for Social Justice Special Interest Group website - ​ They work to encourage and facilitate social justice work within English for Academic Purposes (including widening participation to refugee background students)


RefugEAP scheme. It has two strands: Strand 1 is a programme of EAP classes for refugee-background students based around the UK who need to improve their academic English to get to university but can't access mainstream EAP provision (led by University of Leicester in partnership with other organisations, and delivered by volunteer tutors); Strand 2 is a working group (under the remit of the EAP4SJ SIG) of individuals/organisations from across the sector working to improve systems/processes to make it easier for refugee background students to access EAP provision and, ultimately, university courses.

Refugee Concerns - RCIS: A TESOL Interest Section

Trauma informed educators network

Ukraine Ministry of Education Support–resources have been made available to the MoE resource website to enable teachers in Ukraine to continue teaching

Supporting the mental health and well-being of refugee children in school

Teaching Through Tragedy - National Geographic

Newcomers in UK schools: learning English to survive, Annamaria Pinter (Primary)

Children’s multilingual rights: my languages, my identity (YouTube video)

Raise Up project

The Hands Up Project


"Drama without borders", article by Efi Tzouri (p. 143)


Olga Veprek and Kateryna Belska - Emergency Teaching: Ukrainian teachers share their response

Friday 27th May 9am UK time

Join the event here: https://fb.me/e/2nUBvXMPA

Roza Salih - Standing up for Refugee Rights

Thursday 2nd June 12 noon UK time

Join the event here: https://fb.me/e/1IZuUVf40