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                                                                                                                     HELP  & SUPPORT 





These websites were shared by our Teaching through Crisis interviewees, they are a mixture of support articles, classroom ideas and things to promote student and teacher wellbeing in the ESOL and refugee teaching space. 

Lessons and activities 



  • British Council TeachingEnglish: In this lesson, pupils learn what a refugee is by reading a definition, some statistics and some information about how refugees might feel. Learners are encouraged to put themselves in the place of a refugee and consider how they might feel at leaving behind their homes and belongings. They can also watch a short video produced by UNICEF, in which two brothers talk about their journey from Syria to Germany. 

        In the main part of the lesson, learners work in groups to produce a poster presentation                            >> poster project 

  • A collection of materials for primary and secondary WITH Teacher guides. From the UN Refugee Agency >> UNHCR  


  • Resources created by teachers for teachers, part of the Erasmus+ ICEPELL project - An ICEKit is a teaching pack to use with a picturebook. It has been created by practitioners for practitioners to develop intercultural citizenship education in early language learning >> Resource kits  




Teacher Wellbeing 


         Visit their website here





Further reading/watching for teachers 


  • Webinar: Co-hosted by former Learning for Justice Advisory Board members Kinette Richards, Ph.D., school psychologist, and Barbie Garayúa Tudryn, school counselor, this webinar will help you gain a common understanding of trauma and how it affects both learning and relationships at school—for students and educators alike. 











        Project: by Aleks Palanac >> Beyond Resilience: Facilitating learning and well-being in the refugee language classroom  


Read more about Aleks Palanac on the University of Leicester's website >> Aleks Palanac's profile  




Further reading/watching for students 



  • ​Book: Graphic Novel for adults about a young adult traveling from Africa to Europe via people smugglers >> Illegal by Eoin Colger and Andrew Donkin.  


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