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National Geographic Learning are delighted to have entered a long-term partnership with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, providing grade 4-6 curriculum to nearly seven million students in Egypt.


To support Egypt’s educational transformation, National Geographic Learning is delivering curriculum for English, Social Studies, Career Skills and Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Career Skills and ICT are particularly critical to the Education 2.0 vision in Egypt, as they introduce 10- to 12-year-olds to a broad range of jobs they may not know much about, and the skills they would need for future success in those fields.


In addition to providing English curriculum as part of the partnership, the ICT content will be provided in English and Arabic to help further students’ English language learning as part of their primary school education.


All primary schools across Egypt began using National Geographic Learning curriculum on October 9 2021, starting with fourth grade for the current academic year, and expanding to fifth and sixth grade over the next two years.


View the full press release here:

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