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                                  ABOUT THE PROJECT                                                                                              MOROCCO                                         

Discover the initiative


Create Your Space is a photography project that aims to reflect the space we live in by interpreting the following prompts:

What only I see


People of the city

How it was


How it is now

Spirit of the city

My Peaceful Place

What the tourists see

Listen to National Geographic Explorer Dan Raven-Ellison talking about the project:

Watch the video

Watch the video

Play Video

Read the experience of a teacher in Morocco and what Create your Space could bring to your class:


"The grid the NGL has sent us enables us all to see where we live in a different way.  We enjoyed doing the project together and it was that real project that our students needed. Self-confidence and self-esteem were boosted during the activity through learning how to shoot and how to concentrate while taking photos. I have noticed that even with a cell phone camera, my students started to see and feel the benefits of photography and the beauty of their surroundings. I had a little workshop with my students to explain the grid and what they were supposed to do and they quickly started showing me all the pictures they have taken of the  beach, the forest, and all the places that they go to in Kenitra.  I am so happy with what National Geographic Learning is doing for kids, adults and professionals  around the world and I am sure that kind of collaboration will be a great boost for those who want to invest their knowledge and skills."


Hassan Dafir, Tutor at ALC Morocco

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