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Managing Student Exams, Revision Stress and Wellbeing

We are delighted to invite you to our exclusive event

for Greece on September 2nd!  














After hosting over 600 teachers at our online event in April, we're holding our SECOND unique online event for Greek teachers to help bring some new ideas to your classrooms, whether that be in person or online, especially focussed on taking the stress out of exams for you AND your students.

This FREE event will provide you with practical tips to take back to your classroom, to help you bring your classroom to life!

Certificates will be provided for all attendees, plus other downloadable items.

Register today to secure your place!



​​​​​13.00-13.05 – Introduction 

13.05-13.55 - Katherine Stannett – Exam Hacks for Stress-free Success 

In this talk I will be sharing some practical tips to support our students through the stress of studying for, revising, and taking exams. Using material from ‘New Close-Up’, as well as specially-created activities, I will look at how, with a balanced focus both on well-being and on academic study, we can help our students to achieve exam success.

13.55-14.00 – Break 

14.00-14.40 - National Geographic Explorer: Daniel Raven Ellison: How to explore with purpose 


Dan Raven-Ellison is a National Geographic Explorer and Guerrilla Geographer who combines creativity, exploration and storytelling to tackle social, environmental and health issues. A former geography teacher, Dan has walked across all of the UK's national parks and cities while wearing a mind-reading device, written outdoor activity books for children and made short films. In this short talk Dan will describe some of his projects and how he has used purposeful explorations to make them a success and effect change. This will include describing why and how he campaigned to make London the world's first National Park City and how he uses photography to change the way people think about places. He will also talk about the importance of outdoor exploration, play and learning for health and wellbeing - for both students and staff. Join us for this thought-provoking talk! 

14.40-14.45 – Break 

14.45-15.15 - Diane Flanel Piniaris - Michigan Mama’s Mildly Metaphorical Musings on Test Prep

Dedicated to the proposition that not all books of practice tests are created equal, long-time Michigan author Diane Flanel Piniaris discusses ways to take your ECCE and ECPE test prep classes to a new level. How?  Let’s just say it starts with using materials that are TEASE-ing: Teachable, Educational, Amusing, Stimulating, and Enjoyable. Then add in a bit of sports psychology (with you as test-taking strategies coach), and before you know it, you’ll find your students transformed into competent test-takers and much more confident users of the language! Join us to find out more!

15.15-15.20 - Close 


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