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Here are some things we think might help bring the word to your classroom and your classroom to life.

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New Close-up helps learners get closer to the world through dynamic photography, video and real-world stories from National Geographic.

Relevant, global topics, paired with a comprehensive four-skills syllabus, promote the key language and life skills teenagers need to succeed in international exams, in the classroom and in their future careers.

KatherineStrannett Bio Pic_edited.png

New Close-up author, Katherine Stannett shared some teaching tips, including getting students involved in healthy eating and how making mistakes will help them learn.

PERSPECTIVES teaches learners to think critically and to develop the language skills they need to find their own voice in English. ​The carefully-guided language lessons, real-world stories, and TED Talks motivate learners to think creatively and communicate effectively.


PERSPECTIVES helps learners develop an open mind​, a critical eye , a clear voice.


Get support and ideas for bringing your classroom to life, with our  InFocus Blog.

 You’ll find insight, tips & advice from industry expert, National Geographic Explorers , teacher trainers and authors.


From personalising lesson content, to using projects in the classroom, we have more professional development resources to help you. 

Join us in professional  development

webinars with English Language Teaching

specialists, speakers from the TED stage,

National Geographic Explorers, and others

in the English Language Teaching field.

We recorded our session on 12th December - you can access it using the below passcode 

Passcode: MpF.3PL$

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