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You're invited to our exclusive online event for Ukraine!  

We're holding a unique online event for teachers in Ukraine, to help bring some new ideas to your classrooms, whether that be in person or online.  

This FREE event will provide you with practical tips to take back to your classroom, to help you bring your classroom to life! 
Check out the agenda below and find out more about the speakers.

4th April 2024


(Ukraine Local Timings)

2pm - 2.15pm –          Welcome & Introduction

                                        Tim Pearse & Iryna Maliarova

2.15pm - 3.05pm  –   New Close-up for Effective and Enjoyable Exam Preparation

                                        Flo Feast - Field Sales Consultant,

                                        National Geographic Learning


3.05pm - 3.15pm -    Break

3.15pm - 4.05pm –  Teaching Grammar in Context

                                       Ellen Setterfield – Product Marketing Manager, 

                                       National Geographic Learning 

4.05pm - 4.15pm –  Closing remarks

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